19 Influencer Marketing Tips That a Brand Should Follow

Influencer Marketing

Brian Mechem


Promoting your brand is getting increasingly difficult by the day. As consumers are more aware of the promotional content that they are exposed to, they easily see through it. Which means following traditional methods of advertising is futile. With increasing competition, it is easy to get lost among the competition out there as well.

One thing is clear. You need to innovate your approach to promote your brand. Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target audience and gain more exposure. By collaborating with social leaders, you can gain tremendous public exposure. And posts by influencers seem more legitimate because someone else is vouching for your brand.

It is perhaps for this reason that influencer marketing has started gaining steam in the past few years. More marketers are incorporating it into their marketing plans. If you’re going to jump on this bandwagon, you can’t afford to fail and let your competitors get ahead of you.

You can use the following nineteen influencer marketing tips to help you plan, run, and succeed with your future campaigns. Using these, you can increase your reach and boost your ROI. You can even download our free guide to repurposing influencer UGC for advertising to learn more ways to amplify influencer content.

1. Define Your Goals

Don’t start an influencer marketing campaign without having set some goals of what you want to achieve. You need to have a clear idea of your goals in order to plan your campaign more effectively.

You may have various goals for your brand like increasing reach, getting more revenue, or even generating leads.

Based on your goals, you’ll be able to plan which metrics you’ll use to assess your performance. You can set target goals for each of these metrics/KPIs by giving them a numerical figure. After your campaign, you can analyze the success of your campaign by comparing your statistics to your KPIs.

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In case your goal is to increase your brand’s reach, you should measure your campaign’s likes, shares, impressions, and comments. This can give you an idea of the number of people who’ve engaged with and seen your content.

For instance, Chiara Ferragni promoted BMW in a recent post, which you can see in the screenshot below. It generated more than 330k likes.

Chiara Ferragni instagram

Image via Instagram

If your goal is to generate leads, you can have influencers share the link to your landing page. Based on the number of leads generated, you can find out the cost per lead and calculate your ROI.

Similarly, if your goal is to generate revenue, you can collaborate with multiple influencers. You can then create custom affiliate links for each of them so that you can easily keep track of purchases made using each links. This can help you find the cost per acquisition and calculate the ROI of your campaign.

For instance, Loot Crate collaborated with influencers such as PewDiePie to get more subscriptions. They gave him a promo code, “Pewds,” which gave his audience 10% off on the subscription. This promo code allowed the brand to track the number of people who subscribed to their service after seeing his video.

Loot Crate youtube

Image via YouTube

2. Define Your Target Audience

You should also define your target audience along with your goals. This is one of the most basic yet vital influencer marketing tips. Based on whom you’re targeting, you will have a clearer idea of how to strategize your campaign.

You need to take several factors into account when developing your target audience. This may include their age, demographics, interests, locations, and more. Defining your target audience will help you make sure that your campaign reaches the right people.

It will make your job of finding the right influencer for your brand easier too. You can directly search for influencers whose followers have similar interests as your target audience.

3. Turn to Smaller Communities

Popular and well-known influencers can help expand your reach. However, if you want to get short-term traffic or sales, you should consider turning to smaller communities.

Finding influencers in smaller communities can help you get highly targeted traffic. Here are some influencer marketing tips about the communities you can approach, and some places to looks for influencers include:

  • Websites that get you traffic
  • Groups on Facebook and LinkedIn which relate to your niche
  • Active users on social media who interact with others in your niche
  • Platforms such as Reddit and Quora, where questions are asked about similar products

4. Do Thorough Research on Your Influencers

Influencer marketing’s popularity has increased the number of influencers in the market. A lot of fake influencers have taken to social media, trying to trick brands into paying them for ineffective sponsored content.

Brands flock to influencers to reach out to their massive audiences. These influencers, in turn, charge high fees due to the increased demand. The fees usually depend on the number of followers that the influencer has.

Fake influencers usually buy followers and likes to inflate their overall follower count and engagement. Some influencers even have followers that are bots. Partnering with such influencers can cause a huge loss for your brand because there’s no real engagement from a real audience.

When you roll out your influencer marketing campaigns, you should keep this fact in mind. So when you’re selecting your influencers, you should perform thorough background research about them and their social media profiles. Check the number of followers they have and the average engagements per post. And see if they’ve worked with any reputable or recognizable brands in the past.

Using this data, you can find out their engagement rate by dividing the total engagements by the total followers and multiplying by 100. According to Scrunch, an engagement rate of more than 2.7% is good.

Influencer marketing tips such as this one can help you minimize your losses. They can even help you find the right influencers for your brand. You can also use Grin to easily find reliable and verified influencers across various locations, platforms, and niches.


Image via Grin

5. Think of the Influencer’s Audience

One of the most important influencer marketing tips is to not think about your exposure alone. You must first think about the audience of the influencer. Your campaigns should be created for their audience and not for you.

You should look at the audience’s interest level and their engagement on the content. A broad audience may get you more impressions. However, an interested and engaged audience has more probability of converting, according to Dan Scalco from Brain Wiz in an influencer marketing expert roundup.

In order to do this, you should approach micro-influencers. They are the ones who have a highly engaged audience and can help you drive more conversions. As they have fewer number of followers, they may even collaborate with you for a cheaper rate.

6. Give Up Some Control

Unlike traditional marketing, in which you take total control over all aspects of the campaign, influencer marketing is different. You can give up some amount of control over the campaign to the influencers themselves.

This can be highly beneficial to you. According to Crowdtap, 77% of influencers said that creative freedom is the #1 factor for motivation to collaborate.


Image via eMarketer

You should recognize that influencers like to work with brands that give them some flexibility. Additionally, they know their audiences the best. They know what works for them and what doesn’t, so it is better to let them exercise their creative freedom. But giving up some control doesn’t mean that you don’t exercise any control over it. It only means that you should not try to micromanage the influencers.

7. Engage on Social Media

A great way of developing your relationships with influencers is through social media. It is also a great way of identifying influencers with whom you want to engage. You can engage with them on their social media content and build a rapport with them.

Here are a few influencer marketing tips on how to engage with them:

  • Share the influencer’s posts
  • Comment regularly on their posts that catch your interest
  • You can mention them in your blog posts and tag them while sharing their content on social media
  • Compliment them on the quality content that they share
  • Tag them in posts about your blog posts in which you’ve mentioned them

For instance, Jasper’s Market shares their influencer’s posts frequently on social media.

Marketing Land facebook

Image via Marketing Land

When you engage with them on a regular basis, they’ll start to notice your brand. This can help you stand apart from the rest. You’ll be able to leverage their social influence better by building such relationships.

If things go well, you may even be able to do cross-promotions on social media. This can be a cost-effective way of incorporating influencer marketing.

Yet another advantage of engaging on social media is that their audience may notice you too. This can get your brand even more attention.

8. Put Together a Roundup

Other influencer marketing tips include putting together a roundup of influencers. You can create a roundup of the best influencers in your niche. After that, you can reach out to them to tell them that you’ve featured them.

For instance, Grin featured the top Instagram influencers in the fitness niche in a recent blog post.


Image via Grin

When you do this, it strokes the ego of the influencers. They may even share your article with their audiences on social media. This can give you a tremendous inflow of traffic for no cost at all. It will also help give your brand name more exposure.

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